Whitening teeth in Kiev

A snow-white and radiant smile is an irreplaceable attribute of a person’s beauty and attractiveness. Nowadays, the fashion for naturalness encourages you to take better care of yourself, the condition of your skin, hair, and, of course, teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of a radiant smile given to him by nature. Still, do not be upset, today there are many ways and means to achieve white teeth. Anyone can have the luxury of shining and choosing an affordable whitening method, however, you should be careful and check the quality and effectiveness of the chosen product in advance. After all, your goal is to improve, not harm. Of course, the best option is a professional procedure performed by a dentist.

Shining teeth in just one session

Before contacting our doctors for help, there are some important facts to consider. First, there are no natural white teeth. A yellow tint is normal, because the dentin under the enamel is exactly yellow. The situation can also be complicated by various external factors, for example, insufficient oral hygiene, bad habits, for example, smoking, drinking a lot of coffee, tea, wine or similar substances, paint over the tooth enamel. Secondly, mechanical damage plays an equally important role. If caries is not treated in time, the tooth is darkened, moreover, you risk losing it altogether. Remember also that the yellow-white color of intact but not affected by diseases of the teeth does not affect the health of the oral cavity at all, and whitening is a purely aesthetic component. However, this does not at all reduce the popularity of such a procedure, because everyone dreams of not only healthy, but also beautiful teeth.

Pros and cons of the procedure

Like any other medical action, teeth whitening has its own nuances, advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the procedure is contraindications for some groups of people. So, if the dentist finds you have one of the following problems, most likely, you are not recommended to whiten your teeth:

If you are sure that there are no reasons for refusing the procedure, we will be happy to help you get the smile of your dreams. This is a great chance to make adjustments to your appearance and correct obvious flaws. Teeth whitening is perfect for: