Prosthetics of teeth in Kiev

Dental prosthetics, or orthopedics, is the restoration of the integrity of the dentition, as well as the filling of lost teeth. Dentures are used to restore aesthetic and cosmetic function, as well as to replace missing teeth for masticatory function. Dentures offered by modern dentistry can be in the form of various designs and types. Orthopedic dentistry offers removable and non-removable dentures. Each type of prosthesis has its own indications and contraindications. The doctor selects a prosthesis design that will not only replace your missing teeth, but also help keep your own longer.

Types of prosthetics

Removable dentures

Permanent dentures

Modern dental prosthetics

Advanced technology does incredible things. Modern equipment allows prosthetics for almost all patients. However, it also depends on how much the denture costs. Due to the advent of new generation materials, prosthetic methods have become much more sophisticated and involve the use of materials that have a beautiful aesthetic appearance and high strength. Modern materials and technologies allow to make bridges without sawing of the next teeth is an adhesive bridge.