Surgical dentistry

Teeth removal in Kiev

Surgical dentistry is a branch of dentistry where the following types of treatment are used: tooth-preserving operations, preparation of teeth for implantation, bone grafting, aesthetic operations in periodontology and others.

Tooth extraction:

In modern surgical dentistry, tooth extraction is a last resort in which the doctor resorts in such cases: when the teeth are so damaged or chipped that they can not be restored, and when the tooth is incorrectly located in the mouth and interferes with the proper functioning of the entire jaw, is the cause bite, injures the cheek mucosa or damages the nerve.

Dental saving operations:

For many, surgical dentistry is primarily about removing teeth. But now the purpose of dentistry is to preserve teeth. Therefore, dental surgery is a priority area of surgery, to which we pay great attention. Our dentists take care of the most difficult cases and do everything possible to keep your tooth in place and functioning perfectly.

Sinus lifting operation

The procedure aims to increase the volume of bone tissue and change the bottom of the maxillary sinus.
At a serious atrophy of a bone when it is impossible to use removable prostheses and installation of implants becomes difficult, carry out operation of a sinus lifting. This procedure is aimed at improving the conditions for further installation of implants. In surgical dentistry, there are two types of sinus lift surgery – closed and open. If the bone tissue of the projection of the maxillary sinuses is more than 10 cm, then a closed type is performed. If the distance is less than 10 cm – open.

Dissection of the abscess

An abscess can occur as a complication of some diseases and pathologies of the teeth, such as caries, malocclusion, as well as in the case of wearing incorrectly made dentures. In addition, the reasons may be: chronic infection in the body, decreased immunity, surgery. In the treatment of an abscess, the source of inflammation is revealed, which significantly improves the patient’s condition. A course of antibiotics is prescribed.

Plastic bridle

In surgical dentistry, bridle plastic surgery helps to restore the aesthetic appearance of the anterior incisors (eliminates the gap between them) and preserve periodontal tissue. The operation is usually performed in children (7-9 years).


Gingivoplasty surgery is performed to improve the aesthetic and structural condition of gum tissue. It is performed to equalize the height of the gums, to remove excess tissue, to improve the structure of the tissue, for the aesthetics of the smile.


Changing the contour of the bone before prosthetics. Alveoloplasty – an operation that allows you to properly form the alveolar ridge in case of atrophy, various defects or injuries.

Directed tissue regeneration

The method of bone augmentation in the desired direction using bone preparations and membranes.
Directed tissue regeneration is performed in the treatment of periodontitis, as well as in preparation for implant surgery.