Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is one of the most complex and responsible areas of dentistry. The dentist-dentist must be a highly qualified specialist, use the latest areas of therapy, materials, technologies.

Such professionals practice in the dental clinic “HIULDANA”. The relevance of their skills, training is confirmed by a series of certificates of practical training courses, participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences.

If you intend to cure the root canals of the teeth, pulpitis or periodontitis in a dental clinic, do not doubt – you have made the right choice that will solve all the problems with the teeth.

How is the procedure of treatment of tooth canals

1 X-ray diagnosis: the image determines the presence of periapical foci of inflammation. If the channels were previously sealed – the quality of sealing, the presence of foreign bodies. The working length of the channels is determined.

2 Preparation of carious cavity, opening of tooth cavity.

3 Pulp extraction – nerve removal.

4 Instrumental treatment of root canals: specialists use not only manually, but also machine processing using ultra-thin tools.

5 Drug treatment.

6 Sealing of root canals.

7 Restoration of the anatomical shape of the tooth.