Aligning teeth in Kyiv

“What is the alignment of the teeth” – one of the most common questions in dental offices. Everyone wants to have straight and beautiful teeth. However, nature has not rewarded us all as such. Certain orthodontic problems can occur due to various reasons: hereditary factors, mechanical injuries, certain diseases.

In addition to purely aesthetic discomfort, defects can cause the development of diseases of the tissues of the maxillofacial area. Orthodontic pathology is one of the local factors that contributes to the development of periodontal tissue diseases. When running, these diseases can lead to tooth loss. In addition, the wrong position complicates the cleaning of plaque, causing its intensive accumulation, the formation of tartar. There is a pathological abrasion of the teeth of those areas that are not erased in the normal ratio. In addition, there is a functional overload of hard tissues, which results in the formation of defects in the cervical region, which may be accompanied by hypersensitivity.

The most popular method of teeth alignment is orthodontic treatment with the help of removable, non-removable structures. Removable structures are special plates and caps for alignment, which are installed separately on each jaw. They are made by individual prints. Non-removable structures – bracket systems (metal braces, ceramic braces, sapphire braces, lingual braces). This is the most effective method of treatment.

Types of brackets

Metal brackets

The most economical and at the same time effective option. Indeed, metal braces are the cheapest and fulfill their purpose in the shortest possible time. It is easier for an orthodontist to work with such a system, ie to correct, tighten braces and monitor the process of teeth alignment. The disadvantage is the visual component, as such braces are most noticeable when talking or smiling. However, even in this regard, you can argue, because, first, the installation of braces – is a sign of wealth, such a service can not afford everyone, so often even braces flaunt. Second, the bite correction process can be turned into fun by using colored rubber bands to fix the plates. Another way to stand out and show your uniqueness.

Ceramic brackets

This system will cost the patient a little more due to the material of the product. Ceramic braces are made of the same material allows you to make the brackets almost invisible. The tone is selected according to the color of tooth enamel, and even the arch can be white. You can install them from childhood, and there is no age limit. However, caring for them is a little trickier. The patient will have to visit the dentist more often for professional teeth cleaning, to refrain from using certain products that affect the color change of the material, so the correction period itself is much longer than in the previous case.

Linguistic braces

The most expensive and prestigious dental correction systems. The biggest advantage of patients is that lingual braces are completely invisible to others, because they are attached to the inside of the teeth. Well, you have to pay for beauty, and those who have such an opportunity will definitely never regret their choice. Care for such braces is not as meticulous as for ceramic systems, it is better to trace the movement of teeth, but the dentist is more difficult to install and correct them. When wearing lingual systems, you may initially have minor pronunciation problems, but on the other hand, the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis is much lower.

Sapphire brackets

They are made of artificially created sapphires, which are subjected to a high level of heat treatment, and due to this the plates become transparent and almost invisible on the teeth. Sapphire braces also need to be worn longer than metal ones, but they cause less pressure on the teeth, do not cause allergies, and do not irritate the mucous membranes. Such braces are chosen by status people, in addition to the alignment of teeth, they also want to emphasize their position in society. But you should remember about the care of sapphire structures, as well as the use of certain foods, will have to be limited to avoid staining the plates.

Self-adhesive braces

The main difference between such braces and conventional metal corrective structures is that they have a different fastening system. They have no ligatures, and the arc is attached to the plates with tiny locks. Due to this, installation and lifting is much faster and more convenient, so self-ligating braces are one of the most popular among dental clients.