Treatment under a microscope

Treatment of teeth under a microscope in Kiev

The question of the quality of dental treatment in dentistry has always been very acute. Just imagine how indistinctly the dental canals are seen by the naked human eye. And if the roots of the tooth have a curvature, the dentist actually acts at random. With the advent of the dental microscope, all these problems have disappeared.

3 important arguments in favor of dental treatment under a microscope

Saving teeth

Previously, when there was no talk of treating teeth under a microscope, it was easier for the dentist to remove teeth that were severely affected by caries. For this reason, many people who have found “Soviet” dentistry do not have at least one tooth. Treatment under a microscope opens up great opportunities to save the tooth, even in the most hopeless situation.

Error correction

The fact that the risk of complications after treatment of dental canals is quite high, you can read in any textbook on therapeutic dentistry. Most often, problems arise due to poorly cleaned and sealed canals, accidental damage by a drill and left pieces of broken dental instruments. It is possible to list teeth with similar problems only with the use of a microscope.

Accuracy of diagnosis and restoration

The use of a microscope makes it possible to detect caries at its earliest stages, when it is simply impossible to see the damage to the enamel without optical devices. The device also provides the necessary accuracy in the work of the doctor in complex dental restorations, for example, in the process of installing veneers, which allows you to achieve the most identical repetition of the natural contours of the teeth.

In which cases do you need treatment with a microscope?

Today, the treatment of dental canals is devoted to a separate area in dentistry – endodontics, and a dentist who specializes in this area is called an endodontist. Endodontic treatment is required in the following cases: