The cost of dental services in Kiev

Doctor's consultation300 uah.
Comprehensive diagnostics (3D/CT/TRG)1500 uah.
Snapshot (sighting)200 uah.
Computer anesthesia STA350 uah.
Conductive anesthesia200 uah.
Additional carpule100 uah.
New technologies
Plasmolifting treatment (1 jaw)1940 uah.
Diagnostics under a microscope (1 tooth)350 uah.
Tooth restoration under a microscope (1 tooth) 1840 uah.
A-PRF (bone restoration from own blood), 2 tubes950 uah.
Computer diagnostics by 3D scanner1000 uah.
Decoding 3D550 uah.
Therapeutic dentistry
Professional hygiene 1 jaw (Prophylaxis Master EMS)2400 uah.
Photopolymer filling1600 uah.
Filling of 1 canal with hot gutta-percha850 uah.
Drug treatment of 1 channel250 uah.
Instrumental processing of 1 channel under a microscope950 uah.
Deep fluoridation (1 tooth)190 uah.
Professional hygiene under a microscope 1 jaw (Prophylaxis Perio ЕМS)3000 uah.
Whitening Zoom (1 jaw)2000 uah.
Laser teeth whitening (1 jaw)3000 uah.
Orthopedic dentistry
Metal-ceramic crown3000 uah.
Zirconium crown6500 uah.
Therapeutic veneers2490 uah.
Ceramic veneers12500 uah.
Veneers under a microscope600$
Ceramic inlay9000 uah.
Ceramic crown E-max9000 uah.
Stump tab850 uah.
Clasp prosthesis with fixation on locks9500 uah.
Zirconium crown on the implant Strauman
Crown for implant Osstem300$
Surgical dentistry
Extraction of teeth (single-rooted)830 uah.
Extraction of teeth (multi-rooted)1450 uah.
Extraction of a wisdom tooth (typical)1700 uah.
Removal of atypical wisdom tooth 1 type of complexity2500 uah.
Removal of atypical wisdom tooth type 2 complexity4500 uah.
Treatment "Vector" 2 jaw 1 stage2640 uah.
Treatment "Vector" 2 jaw 2 stage2120 uah.
Osstem implant (Korea)350$
STRAUMANN (SLA ACTIVE) (Straumann, Switzerland)850$
Augmentation-plastics of soft tissues8500 uah.
Augmentation-plastic of bone tissue (Bio-Oss)12500 uah.
Sinus lift open500$
Sinus lift closed400$
Laser therapy
Laser treatment of periodontitis (1 tooth)450 uah.
Laser plastic surgery of the frenum1070 uah.
Laser cyst removal1700 uah.
Orthodontic Dentistry
Orthodontic plate8000 uah.
Metal braces (Ortoclassic)8500 uah.
Self-ligating metal bracket system (Н4 and damon Q)1000$
Self-ligating metal braces (Pits21)1200$
Ceramic braces19099 uah.
Self-ligating ceramic braces (Damon Clear)1500$
Sapphire braces21500 uah.
Lingual braces (internal)32 999 uah.
Bite correction with Easy Align aligners1980 uah.
Correction of braces1000 uah.
Locks or rings500 uah.
Occlusal onlays400 uah.