The cost of dental services in Kiev

X-ray diagnostics
Snapshot (sighting)170 uah.
Orthopantomogram300 uah.
Computed tomography
CT of the upper jaw610 uah.
CT of the lower jaw610 uah.
CT h.ch. + n.h. in bite720 uah.
CT segment (50 * 50 mm)370 uah.
TRG in lateral projection300 uah.
Computer anesthesia STA350 uah.
Infiltration anesthesia150 uah.
Conductive anesthesia200 uah.
New technologies
Plasmolifting treatment (1 jaw)1940 uah.
Diagnostics under a microscope (1 tooth)350 uah.
Tooth restoration under a microscope (1 tooth) 1840 uah.
A-PRF (bone restoration from own blood), 2 tubes950 uah.
Computer diagnostics by 3D scanner1000 uah.
Decoding 3D550 uah.
Therapeutic dentistry
Professional hygiene 1 jaw (Prophylaxis Master EMS)1200 uah.
Photopolymer filling1600 uah.
Filling of 1 canal with hot gutta-percha850 uah.
Drug treatment of 1 channel250 uah.
Instrumental processing of 1 channel under a microscope950 uah.
Deep fluoridation (1 tooth)190 uah.
Professional hygiene under a microscope 1 jaw (Prophylaxis Perio ЕМS)3000 uah.
Whitening Zoom (1 jaw)2000 uah.
Laser teeth whitening (1 jaw)3000 uah.
Orthopedic dentistry
Metal-ceramic crown3000 uah.
Zirconium crown6500 uah.
Therapeutic veneers2490 uah.
Ceramic veneers7500 uah.
Veneers under a microscope21500 uah.
Ceramic inlay5900 uah.
Ceramic crown E-max6500 uah.
Stump tab850 uah.
Clasp prosthesis with fixation on locks9500 uah.
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant (screw fixation)
6500 uah.
Zirconium crown for implant8500 uah.
Surgical dentistry
Extraction of teeth (single-rooted)830 uah.
Extraction of teeth (multi-rooted)1450 uah.
Extraction of a wisdom tooth (typical)1700 uah.
Removal of atypical wisdom tooth 1 type of complexity2500 uah.
Removal of atypical wisdom tooth type 2 complexity4500 uah.
Treatment "Vector" 2 jaw 1 stage2640 uah.
Treatment "Vector" 2 jaw 2 stage2120 uah.
Osstem implant (Korea)12000 uah.
MegaGen AnyOne implant (South Korea)10000 uah.
MegaGen AnyRidge implant (South Korea)12000 uah.
STRAUMANN implant (Straumann, Switzerland)18500 uah.
Augmentation-plastics of soft tissues8500 uah.
Augmentation-plastic of bone tissue (Bio-Oss)12500 uah.
Sinus lift open13500 uah.
Sinus lift closed3500 uah.
Laser therapy
Laser treatment of periodontitis (1 tooth)450 uah.
Laser plastic surgery of the frenum1070 uah.
Laser cyst removal1700 uah.
Orthodontic Dentistry
Orthodontic plate8000 uah.
Metal braces (Ortoclassic)8500 uah.
Self-ligating metal bracket system (Н4 and damon Q)18500 uah.
Self-ligating metal braces (Pits21)27500 uah.
Ceramic braces19099 uah.
Self-ligating ceramic braces (Damon Clear)25500 uah.
Sapphire braces21500 uah.
Lingual braces (internal)32 999 uah.
Bite correction with Easy Align aligners1980 uah.
Correction of braces1000 uah.
Locks or rings500 uah.
Occlusal onlays400 uah.